I have extensive experience as an educator and facilitator in university, K-12, and community-based settings. Across my teaching and facilitation practice, I center participation, creative opportunities for engagement, and critical reflexivity. Below is a list of my university-based teaching experiences.

University-Based Teaching Experience

University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work

Instructor of Record

  • SOWK 4001: Clinical Social Work Skills Lab – Individuals and Small Groups (Fall 2021)

  • SOWK 4990: Photovoice as Intervention and Research (Spring 2021 online, Spring 2022, upcoming Spring 2023)

  • SOWK 4201: Evidence for Practice (Summer 2020, online)

Teaching Assistant

  • SOWK 5121: Intro to Qualitative Data Analysis (Winter 2022, Spring 2022) [PhD level course]

      • Assistant to Dr. Miriam Valdovinos

  • SOWK 4990: Social Work Amid Place (Spring 2021)

      • Assistant to Dr. Casimir Bemski

  • SOWK 4990: Social Work Program Evaluation: Qualitative Methods (Winter 2021)

      • Assistant to Dr. Miriam Valdovinos

Course Development

  • SOWK 4990: Photovoice as Intervention and Research (Spring 2021)

      • Co-developed with Dr. Kimberly Bender & Dr. N. Eugene Walls

  • SOWK 4250: Mutual Aid Seminar

      • Co-developed with Dr. Kimberly Bender, Annie Zean Dunbar, Maveryck Boyett, & Karaya Morris

Northwestern University

Teaching Assistant

  • THEATRE 383: Advanced Playwriting Sequence (Fall 2011)

      • Assistant to Laura Schellhardt, MFA

Feedback from Students

Below are some words from students who have been in my courses, with particular attention to accessibility, authentic engagement, and attending to power, privilege, & oppression in the classroom.

Accessibility & authentic engagement

  • "I was always relieved to attend this course because of the well-developed, accessible learning space that Danielle created. The material is not the most riveting for me personally, but Danielle made it engaging. I also appreciated the level of authentic interaction I got to have with my peers in this class." [Evidence for Practice, 2020]

  • "[Danielle was a] good listener and facilitator, brought an appropriate level of disclosure into the classroom, felt very authentic and genuine in all her interactions. Did a good job of discussing explicitly how we can decide what level of sharing or self-reflection we wanted to do for the day, and set up activities and small groups in a way that gave multiple ways to engage. I really appreciated this approach, which differed from other professors." [Clinical Skills, 2021]

Attending to power, privilege, and oppression

  • "[Danielle] handled difficult conversations related to power, privilege, and oppression, and emphasized that we should always act as if someone with the identities we were speaking about were in the room. I found this framing incredibly useful and will hang onto it going forward." [Clinical Skills, 202]

  • Danielle helped students feel both heard and challenged with care in discussions both easy and difficult. [Clinical Skills, 2021]

  • Danielle did a good job in welcoming conversations about power, privilege, and oppression. I would say this class spoke more to PPO than may of the other classes I've taken at GSSW and I think she handled that facilitation well. [Photovoice, 2022]